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Palmshady sunscreen is a mineral based sunscreen that is environmental, sustainable, non-comedogenic, a simplified composition, and made for humans that are out in an extreme setting of the sun.




Questions and Facts below.




What is a sunscreen?

By definition, "A substance that helps protect the skin from the sun's harmful rays. Sunscreens reflect, absorb, and scatter both ultraviolet A and B radiation to provide protection against both types of radiation." - cancer.gov


What makes it a Mineral?

It uses a non organic solid which naturally occurs on earth. That mineral is Non-Nano Zinc Oxide.


What is Non-Nano Zinc Oxide?

It is the active ingredient in our mineral sunscreen that protects you by reflecting, absorbing, and scattering the sun’s ultra violet rays. This zinc oxide is specifically "Non-Nano" mean the size of the mineral is larger than 100 nanometer, and meaning it will not penetrate your skin.


What makes our sunscreen environmental?

The word "Environmental" means concerned with protecting our natural planet, which includes our ocean, land, air, plants and animals.

Palmshady sunscreen will not have plastic container, but instead will use a more friendly 100 percent recyclable Aluminum Tin container.

Palmshady active ingredient Non-Nano Zinc Oxide, is reef friendly because it is a Mineral and not a chemical.


What is sustainable?

Sustainability is making our environmental needs balanced, because being environmental means we are fully concerned to using natural resources that will not deplete or compromise our future.


The simplicity behind our sunscreen

Palmshady is a product made simple in composition, which is includes the active ingredient; for reflecting, scatter and absorbing the sun, the structure of the composition, the water-insolubility and applying on the skin, and removing off the skin.


What is Non-Comedogenic?

Created to not block any pores.


Who will this sunscreen apply to best?

It is tailored to Surfers, Hikers, Active people who enjoy their time under the sun, and People who have to endure the high exposure of the sun.

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